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Most of Us Don't Live There

Cuba / Canada, 26', 2015.

World Premiere: Dok Leipzig 2015

Water Washing Through Bones

Cuba, 11', 2014.

Water Washing Through Bones is a series of hushed, contemplative moments that reflect the existence of Eduardo Zamora (78), one of the last remaining elders of a dying mountain town in Cuba. Like Eduardo’s world, the film is sublime and hypnotic, offering both a portrait of both solitude and the search to see oneself reflected in another.

The Road

Cuba, 12', 2013.

Suddenly abandoned by her lover, a young Canadian filmmaker takes refuge in a small town in Cuba. The camera glides through a melancholic Cuban landscape and heartache transforms with the recognition of the beauty of love and loss. A tender and deeply personal memoir, The Road is an invitation to celebrate sorrow and faith as cornerstones of the human experience.

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